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June 2020

08:30  Registration

09:00   Welcome from IN-VR

09:15   Inauguration by H.E. Minister of            Energy, Algeria

09:25   Update from the Ministry of Energy (Senior representative)

09:35   Opening remarks by the Chairman

09:45   Keynote Presentation: Introducing The National Resources Agency for
Hydrocarbons: its vision for the Algerian oil industry

10:10   Presentation: ALNAFT’s strategy:
How is ALNAFT operating to establish effective modernisation and development of
current expertise to establish prosperous future exploration opportunities with
international partners?

10:40   Presentation: ALNAFT - Onshore and offshore updates, a growing hydrocarbons industry

-What are the current drilling plans for onshore and offshore Algeria and how is ALNAFT contributing?

11:10   Presentation: Presentation: The new energy law, a win-win relationship with foreign partners

11:40   Morning Coffee Break

12:10   Presentation: SONATRACH

SONATRACH’s influence in shaping the Algerian and global hydrocarbons industry in the past 50 years? The steps that led to SONATRACH becoming the most prominent African NOC.

12:40   Presentation: SONATRACH How has SONATRACH maintained its performance for over 50 years? What are its next plans?

13:10   Lunch Break

14:40   Presentation: SONELGAZ’s role in establishing a Gas Transmission Network: transport and distribution in Algeria.

15:10   Presentation: The hydrocarbon potential of Algeria: an overview of Algeria’s rich geology and future exploration plans

15:40   Presentation: Who? What? Where and When? What are the drilling deadlines, timelines and exploration strategies leading to a substantial discovery?

16:10   Afternoon Coffee Break

16:40   Presentation: Operator Update 1


17:10   Presentation: Operator Update 2


17:40   Presentation: Operator Update 3


18:10   Presentation: Operator Update 4

18:30   Chairman’s remarks

19:00   Drinks Reception and Gala Dinner


June 2020

08:30   Registration

09:25   Conclusion of Day 1 and
Opening remarks by the Chair

09:30   Presentation: In Amenas Gas Project: the largest wet gas development
project in Algeria,

10:00   Presentation: The Tin Fouye Tabankort gas field: Producing over 80,000 barrels per day for 6 years

10:30   Presentation: The Alrar Gas Field, increasing production from 16 cm/d to 24.7 cm/d

11:00   Presentation: Hassi R’Mel - the largest gas field in Algeria Production update on the 2.4 TCM giant

11:30   Morning Coffee Break


12:00   Presentation: Eni’s operations in Algeria. 22 years of production in Block 403 fields

12:30   Presentation: Total’s renewed operations in Algeria

13:00   Presentation: The Gassi Touil fields: 6 gas fields consisting of 47 wells

13:30   Lunch Break

15:00   Presentation: Repsol’s entrance in Algeria’s hydrocarbons sector

15:30   Presentation: Cepsa’s strategic partnership with ALNAFT; three decades of
profitable relations

16:00   Presentation: Anadarko; Algeria’s largest foreign oil producer

16:30   Presentation: Natural gas pipelines in Algeria; Algeria as a major international
gas node Maghreb-Europe pipeline; a 1620 km network supplying Spain,
Portugal and Morocco with gas

17:00   Presentation: Covering Algeria’s increasing power needs; Sonelgaz’s $3 billion masterplan to take Algeria’s power to the next level and its cooperation with GE

17:30   Presentation: Algeria's role as Europe's main gas exporter

18:00   Closing Panel: Algeria's Energy Future


19:00   Entertainment Night


21st November  2019

08:30  Registration

09:00   Welcome from IN-VR

09:10   Opening remarks by the Chairman


09:20   Opening Comments by the National Oil Company of Libya (NOC)

09:40   Operator Update: AGOCO

10:00   Operator Update: Nafussah and Melitah

10:20   Morning Coffee Break


10:50   Keynote update by ETAP


11:20   Keynote update by ONHYM

11:50   Tendrara Licence: A significant gas column discovered by Sound Energy - Potential and Plans

12:10  SDX Energy: Exploration in the Sebou permit area and plans for the Lalla Mimouna


12:30   Lunch break


13:30   Keynote Remarks by the Minister of Petroleum, Egypt

14:00   Exclusive Updates by the Egyptian General Petroleum Company (EGPC)

14:30   Exclusive Updates by the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS)


15:00   Exclusive Updates by the South Valley Egyptian Petroleum Holding Company



15:30   Assessing the E&P landscape in Greece: HHRM's dynamic role shaping the Greek oil and gas scene

15:50   E&P in Greece- Phase II: Offshore updates by the two major Greek Operators Hellenic Petroleum

16:10   Total's regional strategy and priorities

16:30   Energean Oil & Gas , Greece

16:50   East Med, TAP and other major strategical projects DEPA or DESFA

17:00   Afternoon Break


17:15   Keynote Remarks by the Minister of Energy, Commerce, Industry & Tourism, Cyprus

17:35   Cyprus: The East Med success story; what is next and what are the opportunities for further investment? Cyprus Hydrocarbons Company Ltd

18:00   Exclusive Operator Update: Assessing Cyrpus' true gas potential-Calypso updates


18:20   Keynote Update on Western Europe and Spanish Midstream Operations and plans by ENAGAS


18:50   Operations Update by Assomineraria and Edison


19:20  Updates on the recent and current Offshore Licensing Round by the Lebanese Petroleum Administration (LPA)

19:4Panel Discussion: Collaboration opportunities in the East Med

20:00   End of Med Summit

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