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ALNAFT: Driving Algeria's Growth

It is well-known that Algeria is one of the most important countries in the oil & gas industry globally. They are Africa’s leading natural gas producer and they possess the third-largest oil reserves in the region, even with only one-third of the country adequately explored.

Algeria has taken active steps in recent years to ensure its optimal relationship with existing partners and the realization of the country’s immense hydrocarbon potential.

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ALNAFT is co-organising the official Algeria Oil & Gas Summit

Algeria’s booming oil & gas industry is overseen and maintained by the national agency for the development of hydrocarbon resources of Algeria (ALNAFT). ALNAFT has the mission of overseeing Algeria’s significant hydrocarbon development and exploitation. Meet Arezki Hocini, President of ALNAFT, here.

ALNAFT is responsible for:

  • Evaluating the hydrocarbon production sector by carrying out basin studies,

  • Promoting investments in exploration and production,

  • Managing and updating the database on hydrocarbon exploration and production

Investing in Algeria

When a company wants to benefit from Algeria’s significant resources, ALNAFT is the optimal point of contact, as they are in charge of organizing and calling tenders for exploration and production in Algeria. They grant prospecting authorisations to suitable applicants, including studying and approving E&P development plans to ensure their partners make the most out of their investment and with optimal conservation.

Algeria, Sonatrach, Sonelgaz, hydrocarbon, eni, equinox, hassi messaoud, Oil, Gas, Petroleum, Exploration, Summit
ALNAFT maintains and develops Algeria's rich Seismic Database

ALNAFT is one of the country’s most prestigious bodies as it cooperates with the Ministry of Hydrocarbons on sectoral policy and the drafting of regulations governing hydrocarbon activities. They are excellently suited to the task, as they maintain constant communications with IOCs operating in the country and maintain the national database on hydrocarbons, giving them a bird’s eye view of the industry.

They use their optimal access to information to create a medium and long-term plan for the hydrocarbon sector, based on the plans of the operators and contractors, which the Ministry of Hydrocarbons uses to create new policies and plans.

Meeting with ALNAFT

Find out how to invest in Algeria first-hand from Arezki Hocini, President of ALNAFT, by attending the Algeria Oil & Gas Summit and hearing from the Ministry of Energy, ALNAFT, Sonatrach, and all major operators.

The Algeria Oil & Gas Summit is the Official Summit for the hydrocarbons industry of Algeria. The event will take place at Algiers from 17th to 19th June 2019.

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